Dangerous cargo is articles or substances which can pose a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air. And remember that some seemingly innocent substances, safe on the ground, may become dangerous when subjected to the fluctuations of temperature and pressure during the flight. If you have any doubts about your cargo please contact our TPC Aviation teams. Because not only is it a criminal offence to ship or attempt to ship undeclared and incorrectly packaged dangerous cargo, it could also result in a fatal accident. Dangerous goods are classified into following 9 classes: Please make sure that all potentially dangerous cargo is declared, labelled and packed correctly.


  • Class 1: Explosives
  • Class 2: Gases
  • Class 3: Flammable liquids
  • Class 4: Flammable solids
  • Class 5: Oxidizing substances and Organic Peroxides
  • Class 6: Toxic and Infectious substances
  • Class 7: Radioactive material
  • Class 8: Corrosives
  • Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous goods