Complaint: A criticism expressed verbally or in writing, without a demand for indemnification concern services performed by the carrier in connection with the carriage of cargo is a complaint.

Cargo claim: If you ask carrier to compensate for your loss regarding cargo damage, loss or delay then you are raising a cargo claim.

Cargo claim is a criticism in writing with a demand for indemnification by or on behalf of a shipper or consignee due to service failures by the carrier during carriage of cargo such as delay, damage, partial loss or total loss.

Cargo claimant following the bellowed list:

  •  Shipper stated on the airway bill
  • Consignee stated on the airway bill
  • Insurance company with letter of subrogation
  • Notify party of shipment
  • Attorney represent the claimant
  • Interested party with letter of subrogation

House shipper or consignee provided that both port of origin & destination have ratified Guadalajara Convention or MC99.