There is no Contract to be signed in this case. After shipper tenders the shipment into airport warehouse and complete customs clearance, Master Airway Bill (MAWB) will be issued with both sides’ signatures (shipper & carrier). MAWB is not a Contract but it is a Proof of the Contract (the deal) for carriage between shipper and carrier (hereby represented by GSA AVS).


MAWB covers following purposes:

  • Proof of contract for carriage between carriers and shipper
  • Proof of carrier’ receipt of shipments upon signing the documents
  • Freight bill showing computation of charges and method of payment (Prepaid or Collect)
  • Insurance certificate where insurance is taken out. The insurance amount and premium are entered on the AWBs thus certifying that the shipment is insured
  • Customs declaration for countries where the import duty is assessed on CIF value