What is chargeable weight?

Chargeable weight is the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges. A scale is used […]

What is Dangerous Cargo?

Dangerous cargo is articles or substances which can pose a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by […]

Responsibility of shipper

GSA , deputizing for carriers which we represent, on behalf of shipper or consignee may, but shall not be obligated […]


GSA ,coordinating with airlines which we represent, is liable to the shipper, consignee for the damage, loss or any delay […]

Instruction for carriage

Cargo need to be in “ready for carriage” condition, including the suitable condition for packing and marking of cargo, labelling […]

Restriction in acceptance

Some type of cargo shall request special carriage, need more added terms, following the belowed list: Live Animal Arm, Ammunition, […]