Local ground handling practices and process makes it complicated for Airlines to work in this market and is especially a huge challenge for non-schedule Carriers.

TPC fully understands the complication of local process for Airlines ground handling. Through years of experience working with relevant Civil Aviation & Airport Authorities and various entities, our team can consolidate and provide seamless ground handling for Airlines regardless of type of aircrafts in operations even with wide body aircraft, scheduled or non scheduled charter.

Aircraft handling and documentations are executed in accordance to Airlines’ requirements and are in compliance with IATA recommended practices. Through strategic relationship and partnership formulated over the years with Airlines’ appointed local Ground Handling company in-country, TPC can provide our Airlines partners with ground handling and ramp supervision services ensuring safety standards and on-time ramp operation.

Highlights of services:

  • Monitor on Aircraft loading / unloading
  • Build-up control
  • Coordination with Catering/Fuel/Ramp Suplier
  • ULD control
  • Weight & Balance